English Culture Class

El pasado 19 de abril, gracias a la editorial Burlington Books, disfrutamos de una clase sobre cultura inglesa en San Jerónimo. Así cuentan algunos alumnos cómo fue esta experiencia:


The English class was funny, because the teacher, Luke, was very funny. I learnt the map of England. I won a pen because I said the name of the Queen of England in English: Elizabeth II.

There was a game to win money. Luke spoke by phone to his mother because Sergio didn’t know the answer to the final question.

It was a very interesting class.

Mirela (2º ESO)



The experience was very interesting because I’d never had a moment in the class to speak with an English-speaking person. It was very funny and educational. The English teacher was very funny and we could hear the accent from Liverpool.

Pablo B. (4º ESO)


The class was very funny. The teacher, Luke, was a very funny person. He showed us a lot of things about his country (UK), for example: the food that they eat, the transports, the famous people… I’ve learnt a lot in this class.

David C. (4º ESO)



 It was a great time. The guy, Luke, was very friendly and peaceful. In addition, he wasn’t shy at all. I laughed a lot and I understood everything.

Javier (2º Bachillerato)



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